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There are two areas in Albuquerque. The Bosque Area / Area Bosque includes many parts of Albuquerque and surrounding towns, villages and Pueblos such as Los Chavez, Los Lunas, Socorro, Zia Pueblo and a bilingual (Keres / English) meeting at Santo Domingo Pueblo. The Greater Albuquerque Area currently has meetings in many parts of Albuquerque and some surrounding communities such as Corrales, Gallup, Moriarty and Rio Rancho.

Referring Someone to NA

Anyone may simply walk into an NA meeting and begin listening to the sharing, so giving clients a list of meetings from our search engine above and having them try a meeting is always a simple option. They should be encouraged to identify themselves as new when given that option, so NA members can introduce themselves and offer their support. They may also call one of our help lines: local (800)798-6649 and regional (800)925-4186.  Click here for a printable meeting list.

Upcoming Meetings

This list shows the next 10 upcoming meetings.

9:00 am   Saturday   The Breakfast Club
431 San Mateo Blvd. NE   Albuquerque, NM 87108
O,D,Rr,S,To,WC,HY   Next to Beauty Salon, Park in the Back Meeting ID: 892 8572 3034 Passcode: 829514

12:00 pm   Saturday   Other Optionz

12:00 pm   Saturday   Options Group
500 Spruce Steet   Albuquerque, NM 87106
O   Near Playground 11th Step Meeting

7:00 pm   Saturday   Last House on the Block
Meeting ID: 753 320 518 PW: 003282

7:00 pm   Saturday   Hope Dealers
130 Girard NE   Albuquerque, NM 87106
O,D,RF,To,WC,YP   Please Bring a Mask 

7:00 pm   Saturday   Let Your Light Shine
106 Center St.   Socorro, NM 87801

7:45 pm   Saturday   Happy, Joyous and Free
4020 Peggy Rd SE   Rio Rancho, NM 87124
O,St,Tr   15 Person MAX - All Guest MUST wear a mask (505) 896-1359

9:30 am   Sunday   Women in Recovery
W,VM    Meeting ID: 368 880 7442 Passcode: CHILE
Meeting ID: 368 880 7442 Passcode: CHILIE

10:00 am   Sunday   Sunday Morning Wakeup
5640 Venice Ave NE. Suite L   Albuquerque, NM 87113
O,RF    Parking located in the back of the building. Non-wheelchair accessible

Printable Meeting List

Greater Albuquerque Area Service Meeting and Area Subcommittee Meetings Info

Are you a GSR in the Greater ABQ Area? New GSR Orientation will be at 9:30am on the second Saturday of each month before the area service committee meeting.  Get your GSR Toolkit HERE!